Researcher and Faculty Profiles

Below you will find a list of faculty and researchers that work either currently, or in the past, ties into wild rice research at the University. This could breeders, environmental scientists, extension specialists, nutritionists, plant pathologists and even partners at government agencies.  Where possible, bios have been provided to give a better idea of the researcher's goals and experience on individual profile pages.

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Name Job Title Currently Employed/Affiliated with University
Davenport, Mae Professor, Forestry - Natural Resource Management Yes
Hassel, Craig A. Associate Professor - Culture and Nutrition Yes
Kimball, Jennifer  Assistant Professor - Cultivated Wild Rice Breeding and Genetics Yes
Larkin, Daniel Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist - Wetland Ecological Restoration Yes
MacRae, Ian Professor and Extension Specialist - Entomology and Remote Sensing Yes
Newman, Raymond Professor - Water Resources and Aquatic Species Yes
Slavin, Joanne Professor - Food Science and Nutrition Yes